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Kavos is one of the most tourist spots in Corfu. This popular resort is located at the southern part of the island, 45km from the town.

During the last 20 years, Kavos preferred mainly by young British tourists because of its rich and notorius nightlife.

Kavos features a large sandy beach about 2 km long with shallow and a little cold water due to the open sea, and some streams. 

Kavos is fully equipped, with shops, bars, restaurants, lounges and umbrellas, at the wider area of Kavos, there are numerous accommodations for every taste and budget.. In fact, this is probably the most popular entertainment spot of Corfu, with bars and clubs that stay open till next morning. Seaside clubs playing Lounge and chill out music and a little overwhelmed by the most romantic that remain on the beach until the morning.

The sandy beach of Kavos is ideal for swimming and water sports and any activity like footbal, tennis, volleybal, karts etc.

Also nearby are a couple of other nice beaches, Bouka Beach (lefkimmi) and Marathias Beach, Gardenos, Santa Barbara and Issos to the west and northwest of Kavos. 

Cafe's & Restaurants

Arkoudillas Monastery

Arkoudillas Monastery

Arkoudillas Beach

kavos Strip